Facebook video embed code not working here

No, random IFRAMES will not work.

Try this:


edit: But that auto-play is annoying.

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Why would we “fix”

URL signature expired


My point was that including the bare url resulted in a one box that played the video (it worked fine when I posted it). Instead, it demonstrated that Facebook doesn’t want people to share video except on their site


Yes. While Facebook happily wants everyone else’s assets to appear inside its own posts, it likes to bark at high decibels when one of its own resource happens to appear anywhere else on the net.

A few days ago I posted a live video on Facebook. And today I posted that video’s link in one box on my disco forum. And within hours Facebook expired that link (pertinent to mention that it happenned in this single case only, and that too perhaps because I paid-promoted that discourse post link back onto the fb).

Although, I now have stopped that paid promotion on fb, and edited my post by adding a single space after that link, and video has started playing again.

The problem is big because we don’t know which video links may have expired on our forum and our user/visitor doesn’t have any clue as to what existed at that place and where that asset has gone.

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