Failed Bootstrap - error already exist

Attempted a search get error failed to create already exist errors.

copy of errors from discourse doctor log


2023-01-19 09:01:20.165 UTC [54] postgres@postgres ERROR: database “discourse” already exists 2023-01-19 09:01:20.165 UTC [54] postgres@postgres STATEMENT: CREATE DATABASE discourse; createdb: error: database creation failed: ERROR: database “discourse” already exists I, [2023-01-19T09:01:20.168378 #1] INFO – : I, [2023-01-19T09:01:20.168787 #1] INFO – : > su postgres -c ‘psql discourse -c “create user discourse;”’ || true 2023-01-19 09:01:20.217 UTC [58] postgres@discourse ERROR: role “discourse” already exists 2023-01-19 09:01:20.217 UTC [58] postgres@discourse STATEMENT: create user discourse; ERROR: role “discourse” already exists I, [2023-01-19T09:01:20.219940 #1] INFO – : I, [2023-01-19T09:01:20.220302 #1]

Disabled 2 plugins(official) had tried to install templates & Discourse ad(remarked them out with ##)

No extra lines or formatting issue.

Attempted search on failed bootstrap without any luck with a few different search terms.

General fail code 128 bur presume that might be general code?
Other info

  • self hosted
  • Test-passed
  • was workingbon transfering to new domain. Using temp forwarding was working prior to rebuild.
  • had changed domain name from original to ne name ie was to in app.yml was working after rebuild. Reverted this back to original name ie after attempted to install 2 plugins mentioned.