Failed to bootstrap with Google Calendar plugin

(David García-Navas) #1

I’m very happy that it is so easy to install plugins by modifying the app.yml, so i installed mathjax, checkbox list… but i tried to install the Google Calendar plugin as seen in this topic (thanks to @zvikara ), and when i added the github url:

-git clone

…it fails to bootstrap when rebuild app.

I suppose that the plugin is outdated, isn’t it? If so, i would open a topic in the marketplace category so someone could improve the plugin adapting it to Discourse, my organization needs it and we’d pay for it.

(Nick Gray) #2

Failing to build for me as well!

(David García-Navas) #3

I think that plugin was outdated. Anyway, next week or at the end of this month I’ll publish in Meta another plugin with this feature :wink: (first of all, in my organization we’re testing it)

Embed Google Calendar plugin