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My website uses Topic List Preview plugin and so I believe these may be the thumbnails of topics. However, 99% of them appear just fine. Only one or so thumbnails appear broken and it’s a YouTube onebox - however it used to appear just fine until now.
Sometimes you refresh the page if the thumbnail is broken and it’ll fix it, then a couple minutes later it breaks again.


Hmm…could the auto-minifying JavaScript feature from Cloudflare be the cause?

If you have Cloudflare enabled on your domain then all of the performance features must be disabled, none of them are supported with Discourse. During a rebuild Discourse optimizes and minimizes the code, Cloudflare can’t do better than that.

Create the following page rule:

Be sure to also disable Brotli for your domain, it’s known to cause other issues.

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That was helpful information, thank you, however the thumbnail issue persists.

From what I’ve seen, topics with oneboxes (YouTube videos, Tweets, etc.) have broken thumbnails. @angus @merefield could this be a possible Topic List Preview bug?

Disappearing YT thumbnails is a known issue for TLP. It’s not been determined yet where the issue resides.