Failed to rebuild app due to plugin


I just rebuild our app (to remove some plugins) and the rebuild is failed with the below error:

Pups::ExecError: cd /var/www/discourse && su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake db:migrate' failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 486 exit 1>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:108:in `spawn'
exec failed with the params {"cd"=>"$home", "hook"=>"bundle_exec", "cmd"=>["su discourse -c 'bundle install --deployment --verbose --without test --without development'", "su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake db:migrate'", "su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake assets:precompile'"]}

may someone help me understand the problem and solve it?

Where’s the rest of the error?


thanks for your presence :+1:

The error seems to be with a plugin. I’ll proceed asking Angus, who is familiar with the plugin.

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