Failing to create several staged users per topic from email

I just setup my first Discourse instance - fantastic product by the way - and somehow from reading the docs I was under the impression that it is possible to create a topic from email (directly and/or via forwarding) that is watched by several staged users.

So I expected that sending a mail from to e. g. with e. g. a in TO or CC would create a new topic in the support category with staged users and Same goes for forwarding, e. g. sends an issue to who then forwards it to Again I thought that this creates a topic with two staged users.

However, the only staged user that is ever created and notified upon replies is Am I missing something?

This is how it’s supposed to work. When you go to your.discourse/admin/email/received, what email addresses do you see listed in the To column?

I see the ones I expect to see: and

If this is expected behaviour, what is the purpose of this setting then: maximum staged users per email?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. What you expected is how it’s supposed to work.

If you see all the recipients in the To but some of them are missing in the topic, then something is wrong.

Staged users for To and CC are only created when the email is sent to a group. It doesn’t work that way for categories.


I need to buy some :eyeglasses:

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I thought you already had some


OK, it works fine when mailing to the support-group. But I would loose the solved-plugin functionality and the suggestions about similar topics… which comes in quite handy sometimes. So it’s a bit multiple participants vs. better functionality since I also can’t invite “staged users” to a topic, pity.