FAQ for categories?

(SketchUp Community Manager) #1

So I am noticing that I am pinning 8-10 things in some categories…which leads me to believe there is a lot of FAQ.

Is there anyway I can automatically populate a FAQ Thread of links of the most frequently visited/popular threads under that certain category?

Or even if this is a back end thing so then I can manually update the thread… The back end would show me the most popular posts per category – similar to below:

(SketchUp Community Manager) #5

Well I have a main category with Sub categories, and I can see the “Top” in the sub categories, but not the main one…

I did not know that “Top” existing! So thank you for calling that out.

(cpradio) #6

Can you explain that?

Discourse Meta seems to work (includes sub-categories)
Discourse Meta (does not include sub-categories)

plugin - Discourse Meta (only for a sub-category)

(SketchUp Community Manager) #7

How do I see “All” like you did?

(cpradio) #8

Something is weird with your setup…

When I visit that link, the categories still show at the top, scroll down to the actual top list…

(SketchUp Community Manager) #9

Ah I see now! Thanks for your help. You can help me change my setup if you wish.

(cpradio) #13

I’m not even sure where to start with that, maybe look into putting Top in the navigation next to categories? As it looks like you may have removed all of the navigation (that Meta has here).

(Jeff Atwood) #14

That’s the subcategory view.

Try drilling in further

Anyways, you have a few options here. Are you wanting to put up banners at the category level?

Within a category you can pin FAQ topics. As you can see here…

However you can’t do that at the parent category level when you have subcategory view on… and the pinned topics show under the subcategories, like so:

@cpradio I don’t think you’re familiar with this layout, but it is something people can switch on when they have a lot of categories and subcategories. You can see it on Gearbox as well.

I think I see what you are getting at @AlexAB but you guys have a pretty good site wide intro banner as well…

… do you feel there’s a big need for a category-specific intro? The trick is that you have subcategories listed which means they will appear above any pinned topics at the parent category level…

(cpradio) #15

Ah, thank you. I knew I was missing something (and I haven’t had time to play around with Discourse lately to see what setting could cause that) :smile: