FAQ for translations

(Nis Jørgensen) #1

I just did some work on the Danish translation - and I think a FAQ is warranted (the one in the Transifex site is lacking).

Some Q’s:

  • I found a reviewed translation which is wrong/inconsistent/not as good as mine. What should I do?
  • Who reads the “comments” and “issues”? Are they shared among all languages?
  • How can I determine the context of the strings to translate?
  • One of the English strings needs two different translations depending on context. How do I make this happen?
  • The TOS and FAQ’s are already translated, but appear as untranslated on the Transifex site . Why?
  • I have tried to change a reviewed translation. Now I keep having “Save all (1)” on my interface, and can’t get rid of it.
  • Is there a style manual for my language?
  • Is there a way to start a discussion about a translation (or a glossary item) - and get it to the attention of my fellow translators/reviewers?
  • Which parts of the TOS and FAQ should not be translated (text between brackets, in parentheses, ##'s etc)?

(Nis Jørgensen) #2

It might not have been clear, but I am both asking answers to match my questions - and a FAQ to contain them.