FATAL: upgrade brought down the forum

(Dan Dascalescu) #1

After upgrading to 007408c about 6 hours ago, the forum won’t render /. The console shows an Ember error:

Uncaught TypeError: Ember.Handlebars.helper is not a function
    at Object.initialize (plugin-third-party-68922ba95246b2fee7cfa0500a3845f067c542e73bcc3f46309e3d9b944830de.js:1)
    at Object.test.n.initialize (application-33af943da1a283e1c0dda90b8c0eb14b5781aa19fd1f95f7bd27e419b7f56f95.js:1)
    at ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:5
    at ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:5
    at Object.t [as default] (ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:17)
    at n.topsort (ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:4)
    at r._runInitializer (ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:5)
    at runInstanceInitializers (ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:5)
    at r._bootSync (ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:4)
    at r.didBecomeReady (ember_jquery-37ec8949e7219a8c2b3cdebef9d43bc64a66860ec196f3e10bea842d0296256f.js:5)

(Alan Tan) #2

Does the site load in safe mode?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

If you read the stack trace it is plugin related. Remove the third party plugins.

(Dan Dascalescu) #4

@tgxworld: the side does load in safe mode with plugins disabled.

@codinghorror: when I go to /admin/plugins, I get this error:

_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:49088 Uncaught Error: There is no route named adminPlugins.explorer
    at b.handlersFor (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:49088)
    at n.applyToState (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:50374)
    at l.applyIntent (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:49828)
    at O (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:27739)
    at r._hydrateUnsuppliedQueryParams (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:27478)
    at r._prepareQueryParams (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:27433)
    at r.normalizeQueryParams (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:24480)
    at r.generateURL (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:24492)
    at r.<anonymous> (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:29775)
    at f.p.get (_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:14492)

(Alan Tan) #5

Do you have the discourse-adsense plugin enabled? There has been some issue with the plugin recently.

Otherwise, try disabling unofficial plugins to see if it loads? We’ll need to narrow it down to the plugin that is causing the problem in order to fix it.

(Dan Dascalescu) #6

It was the Adsense plugin indeed, ping @michaeld.

I’ve disabled the plugin and rebuilt the container (now at 12fa363b246e310b7265226427513e90200f1e3c), and the home page renders.

The exact upgrade I performed was only to discourse itself, not to the adsense plugin. The upgrade included 48 commits, and the adsense plugin remained at the same version. That means the changes in Discourse broke the plugin.

AdSense plugin comparison
(Jeff Atwood) #7

I don’t think we control the code to that plugin. Sorry.