Favicon, Apple touch icon, ... we need some guidance

Since the latest Firefox update (57.0) bookmarks of the Fairphone Forum reverted back to this icon:


Oneboxes of links to other topics showed that symbol for a while too.

One of our admins played around a little and managed to change the bookmark icon (apple touch icon, right?) to something else, but for some reason not to the same (simple blue square as the tab-icon [favicon?]):

Here you can see the two:
As you can see the bookmark icon also displays with a white background instead of a transparent one.

He also managed to remove the gray discourse icon to display in Fairphone Forum links, but didn’t manage to change it either.

So what are we doing wrong? Which icons do we need to change and what specs do they need?

Oh and also sometimes the favicon shows up instead of the full forum logo in the top bar:



This might relate to @falco’s changes, perhaps he can advise?

Unlikely, they are running 1.8


Well, then I suggest updating to 1.9 beta to get that sweet, sweet new feature goodness :wink:


There are lots of topics here on Meta, where people discuss the strange behavior of Firefox around favicons: Regression? Apple touch instead of favicon displayed again as favicon (Firefox)

TL;DR: They pick the latest/larger icon. Just fill all Discourse settings related with icons, and you are good.

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Alternately make sure your logos are big enough. Think retina!