Favicon failing to load - false positive with 1.8.0.beta9+20?

(Dylan Hunt) #1

I just upgraded from beta 8 and I’m getting this:

Favicon seems fine – I even updated it and it reflected immediately. I clicked refresh – still shows this.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Can you post your domain so we can have a look? :slight_smile:
Are you using the recommended Docker-based install?

(Dylan Hunt) #3

Sure - http://forum.imperium42.com

I am using the Docker-based install :slight_smile: the standard digital ocean bundle. Now I update via admin settings.

(Felix Freiberger) #4

Weird, the favicon is loading fine for me. Is the warning still there?

Standard disclaimer: Your site doesn’t use HTTPS, which means that all passwords and session tokens are transmitted in the clear and can easily be stolen. You should strongly consider moving to HTTPS very soon – it is easy to set up!

(Dylan Hunt) #5

The warning is still there, yes.

We’ve only been around for a few months and have a delayed alpha for our game, so that’s currently our priority – however, we plan to implement SSL ASAP when we can. I’m more encouraged now that there’s a free and simple guide right in front of me - added to bookmarks bar to shout at me ;D it’s very high on todo list

We actually just made an announcement the other day not to browse here in a public network until we upgrade in a few weeks

EDIT: I was spam clicking refresh the other day and it wouldn’t go away - however, today, it went away only upon manually refreshing again. What the?

(Dylan Hunt) #6

Oh this looks more my alley!

(Felix Freiberger) #7

So you manually installed nginx as a reverse proxy?

In that case, you can mostly follow the Add HTTPS section in my guide here, although the details will depend on your exact setup.

(Felix Freiberger) #8

Oh, you ninja-edited your question away – now it looks like we have time machines :sunglasses:

(Dylan Hunt) #9

oh oops, I was wondering happened! Hahah… but gah, I forgot how I even set this up with the forwarding. Oh well, I made a backup - wish me luck!