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(Jeff Atwood) #7

I think that’s your opinion, I am not sure I agree doing both is all that “odd”, though I really don’t care much either way. Notifications are very important though, certainly enough to justify an icon and a textual treatment at the same time.

I just feel like this will be a user pref used by a tiny, tiny percent of people. There is a reason this is in “GMail Google labs” and not part of GMail proper. I don’t want to clutter user prefs with a bunch of super rare stuff, so would rather just have both modes active all the time.

I also think this point is important.

(Andrew Hunn) #8

I think turning the dynamic favicon into a plugin makes more sense. There would then need to be a way to disable the updating counter in the title as well, or, better yet, hook into the Settings panel and toggle back and forth between the two (is that possible?).

I think having a way for plugins to hook into certain functionality and then become choices in the backend would be a pretty versatile feature. You could then support multiple smilie packs, for example.

Is pushing some of these ancillary functions like polling, emoji, etc. out into official plugins the way forward for some of these features? I just haven’t seen a strategy or plan articulated from a member of the team on this issue. I think it makes an incredible amount of sense for some of these features that are really cool, but also add unnecessary overhead to the project as a whole.

BTW, enabling both a dynamic favicon and textual indicators in the title at the same time is very confusing.

(Lowell Heddings) #9

That reason is pretty simple: Most people don’t use pinned tabs, which is the only time that you really need the favicon counter instead of the title counter.

(ComputerDruid) #10

Another reason to have the title change even if the favicon changes:

At least in firefox, when the <title> changes, the app/pinned tab will glow to indicate a notification.

(quick stackoverflow research)

(Sam Saffron) #11

Getting the “double” notification really really bothered me. It just looked wrong.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #12

Gmail always updates the <title/>, e.g., “Inbox (2) - xyz@gmail.com - Gmail”. The only option available is whether to update the favicon–defaulted to “off”–which is a per-user setting. That sounds reasonable to me. Consistency with such a popular webapp as Gmail can’t be a bad thing, right?

(Alejandro Petroff) #13

Yes, please

In my opinion let it belong to the core.

(Michael Brown) #14

… you haven’t seen my browser windows, have you?

I’m lucky, today I can see the favicons.

(Lowell Heddings) #15

Sure, but your browsing habits make no sense. :smile: Why not just pin some tabs… you can enable the favicon counter on those.

(Michael Brown) #16

That’s what I do now - the four on the left are pinned:

(Lowell Heddings) #17

I feel like you need this extension:

(Alejandro Petroff) #18

Of course, favicon counter is more stylish. Title counter looks like from jumping pop-up sites farm…

(FichteFoll) #19

Or maybe this:

Or this, if you use FireFox (which I do):


(Jeff Atwood) #20

Provided we make the change specified above

Maybe we should just make this a user pref for now rather than discussing it to death. I don’t think plugins are mature enough to warrant spending a lot of time on making this a plugin right now.

(Sam Saffron) #21

@chrishunt looks like we have a call to action :smile: , create a user setting.

You @geek and @supermathie can make the call on whether you want the double notification or favicon only will suffice, my pref is not both.

(Chris Hunt) #22

On it. :thumbsup:

I have the tabs pinned, so I have ZERO opinion about the double notifications. I don’t see it.

I just checked gmail and they do both notifications.

This is something that will be trivial to change anyway. Most of the work will be moving it to a user preference. I’m punting that decision until that’s done or until someone feels passionately about it. :smiley:

(Chris Hunt) #23

Also - gmail puts the title count after the title, which is less jarring when next to the favicon. The extra space helps.

Instead of:

(2) Topics - Discourse Meta

It could be

Topics (2) - Discourse Meta

(Chris Hunt) #24

CORS issue on meta
(Sam Saffron) #25

Closing this, as it is now complete and has been for a very long time.

(Sam Saffron) #26