Favorite vs Like vs Bookmark

(Alex R) #1

Is there a description of the differences?

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(Brandon Rampersad) #2

The differences are subtle. I would assume Link is comparable with FB or G+ likes in that you click it if you agree with the post. Not sure about the others.

(Alex R) #3

At the very least, I’ve noticed that “like” is public, but “bookmark” and “favorite” are not; “bookmark” and “like” apply to posts while “favorite” applies to threads.

One wierdness is that liking a post shows up in the thread’s like count.

(Brandon Rampersad) #4

Likes add “public” trust to a post whereas Favorite and Bookmark adds “private” trust. I think thats a way to look at it.

(Alex R) #5

Do “favorite” and “bookmark” add trust? That would be weird to me, as whether or not I want to look at a post later or want to be notified about updates shouldn’t be seen as me endorsing the post/thread.

(Jason) #6

Like others have pointed out like is a way to publicly agree with a post and add trust to the user. Favorites seems to be for entire threads only and adds them to your favorites tab so they’re easier to keep track of (especially helpful if it’s a busy forum where new activity in a thread of interest could get buried quickly) whereas bookmark is for individual posts that you want to be able to find again later.

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(Lowell Heddings) #7

Favorite is for the entire topic, so it will appear in your Favorites list.

Bookmark is when you want to save a bookmark to a particular post within a topic.

Like is when you like a post.

(Brad Westness) #8

Favorite and Bookmark are just ways for you to save threads and posts (favorite for threads, bookmark for posts) so you can find them later.

Liking a post is visible to everyone and is basically a way giving kudos to the post’s author.

(Alex) #9

Does Liking a post send a notification back to its author? If so, then that can be problematic, as I’m sure many of you have noticed on Facebook. Someone could jump into a thread and go on a hyper-liking rampage and spam everyone with endless notifications.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #10

Not likely. See here.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

No, because there are a limited number of likes each user can dole out each day. In general all user actions are rate limited to prevent abuse.

(Anthony) #12

This thread shows how confusing this is for people that are actually thinking about discourse. Imagine what a mess this is going to be for regular people that just want to read about the topic their interested in. I think Favorite and Like at minimum should be merged and possible also bookmark.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Interesting, do you have any data to support your position? Where have you seen confused Discourse users?

I find that it’s often good to have two ways to do things in many cases – some people find one way, other people find the other. But yes, 24 different ways to do something is not a good idea.

(Anthony) #14

I don’t have data but I assume Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc are testing this. Pretty much all the big social sites have like or star or favorite but I can’t think of a single one that has two of these.

The n=~5 in this thread is still somewhat useful. Everyone has put different internal meanings with confusing overlap.

(Sam Saffron) #15

The stats on bbs tell a pretty revealing story:

I really see no reason to keep bookmarks and favorites as 2 separate concepts, people barely use either of these.

For an added bonus we could start showing topics with favorited posts in the favorite tab which makes it much simpler to get to favorited posts (digging through user profile is harder, higher friction)

Does it really make sense to keep 2 different concepts here when one of them is used only 5 times a week at bbs scale?

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Based on that data we should drop both favorites and bookmarks. Fine with
me, let’s remove both.

(Sam Saffron) #17

It is very community dependent, here we have:

Still a fraction of likes but a slightly larger number. even at 30 a week I think it makes sense to merge the concepts first before nuking them.

(Sam Saffron) #18

Another interesting option may be:

It would encourage people to like stuff more, which is really great for the health of a community.

(Dave McClure) #19

I think the main distinction should be whether its a post or a topic.

And since “Like” and “Favorite” or so semantically similar, I’d recommend dropping the word “Favorite”, and calling it a “Bookmark”. But the feature would act more like “Favorite” does now.

So, to enumerate the changes:

  1. drop the current bookmark feature
  2. rename ‘favorite’ to ‘bookmark’. Its a way to bookmark a topic independent of ‘liking’ any post
  3. like @sam just proposed, put a Like tab/filter on the main page to make liked posts easier to find

In the end, you would be able to “Bookmark” a topic, while you can “Like” a post.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Well, bookmark has to win as a concept because we need it to show read state of individual posts, too. I agree that favoriting a post also fights a bit with “like”, as in “You are my very favoritest post of all the posts! But I don’t like you, favorite post!”

Bookmark does not carry the semantic baggage of favorite.

But if you look at other apps, it is always a star at the topic level (gmail). I am leery of showing a bookmark indicator next to a topic title, feels deeply wrong.