Feature Proposal: editor scroll smart sync | edit <==> preview. Making edited area visible in the preview

(lid) #1

I can see Line 1 in the preview but i am already in editing Line 2, but line 2 is not visible in the preview making the live preview less intuitive.

it appears with current implementation the scrolling on the edit and the preview are in scroll sync, but this is only usful when the edit and the preview have similar scrolling height and not for cases when we have an image for example. making live preview less a live

(Dave McClure) #2

A lot of progress was made earlier, but the feature is not currently integrated.

(lid) #3

How is the current preview generated? does every keystroke initiate a full preview render?( parsing the entire input ) or there some sort of smart rendering going on?

(Sam Saffron) #4

There is no smart rendering.

(lid) #5

do you have a liner to trace the jsonml of the current preview?