Feature query: User groups and categories/sub forums/discussion groups

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Hello all,

I’m hoping someone can answer my query to see if discourse meets my requirements:

A requirement of my site is to have user groups with their own discussion areas, and they are not allowed to see other areas (or at least they must register for that area before they can).

To give a made up example; a user registers an account on my ‘City Talk’ site, stating their location as New York, so they are given access to the New York forum. The Chicago, LA, Miami and other city forums exist, but this user can’t access them unless he/she registers for them (that could be later or at account creation).

I can provide this access control with standard forum software, but from what I’ve seen I don’t think I can do that with discourse without having a separate instance for each forum or City in this case, and that would be… excessive.

Can anyone comment?

Thanks in advance


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Okay, I’m finding my way around here now and can see this has been discussed with role based security/sub-category etc… threads.

On a normal forum I’d now say “please lock this thread” but I’m not sure if that works on discourse :slight_smile:

(JAB) #3

Would have been great of you to share the links to the threads answering your questions cause I have the same and finding them is not so easy.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This has been implemented for a long while now – just check the category permissions. You can specify which groups or trust levels have access to each category.

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