Feature Request: Highlight Topics Based on Notification Level

(Joseph Coates) #1

When you use the infinity scroll, discourse briefly highlights the topic at the page break to help the user keep his place.

It would be nice to have a similar highlight feature for topics that the user is watching, tracking, and has muted. Perhaps have the watching topics highlighted darker, tracking topics highlighted lighter and change the text color for muted topics to gray with a slightly grayed background.

Users are likely to scroll down the topics page most frequently to find a topic that their participation in has already elevated their notification level. I think adding these highlights would improve user experience as well as add a little bit of visual texture to a slightly text heavy list.


Have you tried doing this with CSS for your own site? Might be a better solution. Given that people use Discourse so differently, this might be a real PITA for some (and mess with custom styling).

That said, others may be very keen and I might be in the minority.