Feature request: sorting tags

(Lisa Wess) #1

We have had numerous complaints that the tags list makes absolutely no sense and it is very hard to find a tag in there.

We need a way to do different sorting on this, primarily alphabetical.

Please? :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

They’re currently sorted by frequency of use in standard left to right reading order. Discourse Meta

Can you expand a little on why that default sort is not satisfactory?

(Lisa Wess) #3

The short answer is thus: very experienced technical people here do not understand the sorting and can’t find the tags they want. That means that our less technical folks likely can’t either. It isn’t intuitive or sensible to a number of people in our org and that means they don’t get used as frequently. Instead of helping they add a layer of confusion.

Being able to sort in a variety of ways makes this content more accessible, intuitive, and useful.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

OK, can you produce some UI mockups of what you think it should look like? This is the first report of this we’ve ever had.

edit: also I wonder if tags should be searchable via the search drop down, like categories are cc @sam

(cpradio) #5

We’ve actually received this complaint too on SP. The ideas we’ve thrown around internally is to have two links at the top.

Frequency (default) | Name

That way users can quickly sort the list alphabetically to find the tag they are seeking. Adding it to search results might also solve the problem our users are experiencing as it seems to be around finding a tag not necessarily wanting to see the list alphabetically

(Marius Corîci) #6

I did try to add some tags when I posted a thread, but I gave up when I didn’t find and didn’t figure out if I can add or not my own tag.

(Lisa Wess) #7

I wish I had time to create a mockup or any sort of design chops at all =/

I like @cpradio’s suggestion - simple and intuitive.

(Barry Parr) #8

I agree that three column, left-to-right, sorted by frequency looks pretty close to random.

Single column, with optional sort by name or frequency, feels more correct and would make it far easier to scan the list.

Alphabetical order also makes it easier to find misspelled and related tags that should be merged.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Good news! @neil added this feature since he was working on tags a fair bit for another customer.

We need to give this some style loving

(Tobias Eigen) #10

Super happy to see this - it makes a big difference to be able to sort alphabetically. Thank you!

+1 on this one. I don’t know what to propose since you don’t like tag clouds, but this page looks very MVP compared with the rest of discourse! :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Well, it’s a list of tags with numbers. That’s all there is to show! Can you provide a mockup of how you think it should look?

(That said, tag clouds are absolutely hideous and will never appear in any product I ship as long as I am alive.)

(Lisa Wess) #12

Thank you @codinghorror!

(Kane York) #13



(Dan Rathbun) #14

It is a great feature (so far.)

But the choice of sort order is limited to the tags list page. After selecting “by name” going back to the forum main page, the “tags” dropdown menu is still sorted by count.

Maybe this FR needs one step further, with a “by count” and “by name” choices at the top of the dropdown (just beneath “all”) that show a checkmark as to which is currently set.

Then this setting is retained (cookie?) for the user. Changing the choice resorts the dropdown “tags” list.