Features of the open source

(Raman Jindal) #1

In the open source version of Discourse, do I get user & admin features equivalent to ‘STANDARD’ or ‘BUSINESS’ plan? or lower than both ?

(Robert McIntosh) #2

When you self-host Discourse you get all the same features as all our hosted sites.

However, if you need any plugins you will need to select and install these yourself. Standard and Business each have a selection of the #official plugins already incorporated.

Are there any user or admin features you are concerned about specifically?

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

My Discourse Standard Install – Literate Computing includes at least most of the plugins included with the business plan. A 2gb droplet is required.

(Raman Jindal) #4

“if you need any plugins you will need to select and install these yourself”. - What would be the procedure for installation - is it a technical one, or can a business user do it ?

I think the admin feature called - User managed groups would be very very important for my requirement. But I guess its comes with all installations ?

(Robert McIntosh) #5

Search the #plugin directory for lists of plugins and the link to the HowTo, but here it is

If you are self-hosting you will need SOME technical knowledge to install and configure your site, but not to run it on a day to day basis. Most hosting plans will remove the need for technical knowledge if that is an issue.

All sites allow Admins and Moderators to create, manage and configure groups as this is core to how Discourse works


Just to insist, from the about Discourse page:

There is only one version of Discourse – the awesome open source version.

(Raman Jindal) #7

@robmc, Thanks for a detailed reply.