Feedback needed regarding Discourse embedded versus Disqus

(Jesus) #1

My community currently runs a Wordpress blog and for a variety of reasons we are unsatisfied with the built in commenting system provided. We’ve been looking at alternatives that could be embedded into Wordpress and a handful of static pages outside of the Wordpress framework.

We’ve narrowed it down to Disqus and Discourse. Both have a couple advantages over the other. The biggest reason I am in favor of Discourse is that we own and control the content. We aren’t dependent on a third party. Additionally, the moderation feature set seems much better with Discourse.

The one problem I’m seeing, that seems to be a big hang up for other admins, is that with Discourse embedded you can’t actually comment from the page, “users have to navigate to your forum to post replies.” This breaks the existing flow of users that can start commenting immediately and a problem Disqus doesn’t have.

So, with that background on my problem, I’m looking for feedback from users that have used either or better both, did you find users cared about the intermediate step of leaving the blog to go to a forum to comment? If so, and you still went with Discourse, how did the community adapt? Did it impact user engagement?

I realize I’m talking with a loyal fan base of Discourse, but I am hoping for some good feedback I can take back to my team.

(Hosein Naseri) #2

I think there is another challenging problem with discourse. Users need to sign up to actually comment. I think it drastically reduces the amount of comment you receive.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Also drastically reduces spam :hugging:

(Jesus) #4

We make users sign up now, so that’s not a problem. I think @sam is correct that it reduces spam. We fought that battle a while ago and now that it’s under control, we have no desire to be covered in spam again.

(Hosein Naseri) #5

If that is the case, I think you don’t have a problem. In my opinion, discourse is not really cool for your casual users. However it is really good for your loyal users and they will be using it more than often.


I have in mind to hack on the embed system at some point because the current way is quite opinionated: it assumes that the topic’s first post is not relevant to the comments, i.e. that it is the blog article itself. Also it assumes that ascending order is best. Although I very well understand the rationale for these settings, I’d like a bit more flexibility as to what appears and in what order, because then you can abuse Discourse-as-comments in unexpected ways. For example one could use the topic’s first post as a ‘comments header’ and show only the last comment(s) as a ‘news ticker’. Makes a great way to update a web page dynamically from a single topic. But of course that breaks the conversation flow and doesn’t really work as ‘comments’.