Fetch as Bingbot in Webmaster - Status: Unexpected Error

When I submit URL into “fetch as Bingbot” in bing webmaster, that showing “Status: Unexpected Error”.

This definition found in their help section.

What does “Unexpected Error” mean?
If you are seeing frequent “Unexpected Error” results in Fetch as Bingbot, this may indicate that our crawler is not able to connect to your server and not getting a server response at all. Your server may be unintentionally blocking Bingbot based on user agent or IP range. To remedy this, look for server configurations or modules that may be dropping connections for Bingbot or work with your ISP to identify whether the issue is on their side.

Bingbot not include in blacklisted crawler user agents and slow down crawler user agents in admin setting.

When I check Web Crawler User Agents report its showing everyday crawling my forum: “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +http://www.bing.com/bingbot.htm)”

Can anyone help me how to debug the problem and resolve?

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But that error is in Bing Webmaster Tools not Discourse. Ask them about the error.

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No, the error is due to discourse throttling bingbot by default.

Possibly due to Bingbot is default throttled


By default that would be so but the original post said that the default setting for slow down crawler user agents no longer included Bingbot.

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I am looking for this help, Please can anyone try to do “fetch as Bingbot” in bing webmaster tool for crawl your any page, and let us know what status message showing?

Maybe a rebuild is required upon changing that setting? I’m not sure

What I’m sure about though is that “crawler is not able to connect to your server” means either the crawler is down or the server is actively refusing connections.


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