File Link doesn't download to computer (no pop up to save as)

Upon clicking on the download link. It doesn’t download the file. BUT if right click and Save as. The file can be download.

Please help me out. I dont know what cause the problem.

Help us out here with some information:

  • What version of Discourse is it?
  • What plugins and customisations are present?
  • Which browser are you using?

Requested information:

  1. v2.2.0.beta3 +43

  2. Chrome Browser. This problem occur across the discourse user experience channel even in Discourse mobile app.

Can you reproduce it here on meta with the image you linked above?

I click on the image and see this:

Which is the image previewed, then click download and see this:

Which is the image shown alone at 100%. Only slightly different until you realise that it’s the image alone. Chrome won’t download the image automatically, it instead previews it because it can handle the file type natively.

The problem is not the image preview. I am talking about download link of the file. Just to be clear.

You mean when the OS “save as” opens asking for a location to save it to and what to name it?

Upon click, file Link doesn’t download to computer (no pop up to save as)

The only way to download is right-click on file link and save as

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Could be due to the file name.

@seasiri can you upload a dummy text file here with these characters in the file name?

กระบี่.txt (1 Byte)
don’t think it is the file name problem because Thai language work before.

This problem occur 1 day after install this plugin:


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All third party plugins should be removed.

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Tonight I will test it out. Right now discourse is live.

If you made a change and something appeared in be broken after that change, undoing that change is a good first step. It could be that some other update caused the problem, but this is where I would start.

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