File upload support?

(Matt Berg) #1

First of all this all looks fantastics so kudos to the team for the progress so far.

For our use case, file uploads are a requirement to support our users needs.

Is this something planned / currently supported? I see an S3 setting but not sure if that’s just for image uploads.


(Sam Saffron) #2

Thank you, this is totally planned, not implemented yet. In particular many forums allow users to attach txt, log and zip files. This is going to be a site setting, very likely to be disabled by default definitely off by default for low to medium trust.

(finid) #3

Instead of attaching a txt or log file or any other file, why not handle them like images, that is, posted inline, using < pre > or < code >, which are already supported.

Ok, < pre > or < code > do not handle such very well, but maybe another solution is out there.

(Matt Berg) #4

Thanks good to know.

In our case, we need to share xls files (yuck I know) as we’ve created a form standard around it.

Yea for now will see if we can get folks to upload their file somewhere and link to it.

(finid) #5

Just an idea.

Instead of letting users post stuff elsewhere and link to it, why not make it possible to them site owners to create a sub-domain of their site that provides a Pastebin-like function for the site.

That way, all linking is internal to the site, so their is no reliance on an external source. The idea being that those who do not have an account at an external source will not be forced to go and create one.

(Doug Moore) #6

A related thought is in some instances you may be able to make a onebox to them. For logs, there is already a gist onebox you could potentially use.

(F. Randall Farmer) #7

Also, oneboxing mp3 would be great…

Better audio oneboxing
(Matt Berg) #8

Just curious on where this feature lies in terms of prioritization? Ie) When we might see it being supported?

(Dave Jensen) #9

When you develop this feature can you make the storage of the files flexible. For instance, I would much rather have file uploads go to S3 than disk. Thanks.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

File uploads have been in Discourse for quite a while now. Sorry for not updating this topic sooner. See the file upload extensions settings in the admin panel to set the allowed file types for upload.

(Jeff Atwood) #11