File uploads actually work on heroku?

(Rex) #1

Hello everybody, I just install discourse on heroku.

And I found profile image uploading is working, then I found some code about upload, like uploadscontroller and Model Uploads, and it seems to store file into database. Does it mean I don’t need AMAZON S3 support for file uploading? And how does the file uploading work in discourse?

(Erick Guan) #2

Yes, the s3 is required if you are on heroku install.

Discourse only stores the metadata of file into database. Though I don’t know why we are not using carrierwave gem.

(Rex) #3

I still don’t have time to activate s3 support, but the default letter avatar is fined by me now. Although it doesn’t work on the “system” user. Anyone has ideas about why only the avatar of “system” is an one-pixel dot?

And this is the “system” user on my site(chinese)

(Erick Guan) #4

System user’s avatar is downloaded from Gravatar to local. You need a place to store them.