Filezilla and attempting to log in for first time



I’m a beginner at this so please bear with me. I was able to install Discourse for the $99 method. I received an email from Discourse stating the following: “Log in to your server via SSH and change the root password.”

On the email, it provided me the IP address, user name, and password.

I’m using Filezilla, and I can’t seem to log in. I added the word “root” to the user ID for Filezilla but I don’t think this is right.

Can anybody please advise me? Greatly appreciated.

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To upload a logo, you simply need to login to your forum, go to the Staff Area, and read the “Assets for the site design”.

Short version: you reply to that topic, and upload the image in your reply. Then you copy the URL and paste it in the Admin > Settings area.


Thanks cpradio.

I updated the title to this post actually. I will look into what you advised me about the logo.

However, I’m still struggling with trying to log into Filezilla…

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You won’t use Filezilla to login. You will use something like PuTTY or another SSH client.


Can you provide any kind of basic references on those 2? Or examples of which ones are user friendly for me to use? I guess Discourse file access can’t use Filezilla? I’m not sure what the reasons are. Thanks!

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Discourse runs in a Docker container, that container manages all of the files, so they aren’t accessible in a way you are typically are used to, won’t work with this software.

PuTTY can be downloaded at Download PuTTY: latest release (0.70) (for Windows).

If you use a Mac or Linux, SSH is built in, so you simply use ssh username@your_ip_address to connect.


If you can ssh directly into a container, why can’t you use Filezilla to get directly in? This should be possible.

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You’d have to expose FTP ports and even so, you still can’t upload images via filezila, the image cleanup routine will wipe them out.


The same port used to ssh in a container. As for data wiping , I don’t fully understand this. If you write to a folder mapped outside the container (or vice versa) it should remain, no?

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Go ahead and try it and get back to me. :wink:

You’ll soon find out, that filezilla won’t do what you want it to do in regards to Discourse. You are welcome to try though but it definitely will not help you change your root password or upload your logo unless you run it on a separate site on the same box and point to that file from the Discourse Admin Settings (that is a possibility), but I don’t think the $99 install setups a second site (and you’ll need to do that manually and setup nginx accordingly).


Okay. I will learn the hard way.

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You may want to read this

It doesn’t really specify the solution the person came up with, but you can be certain it isn’t exactly simple.


I think it’s way simpler than you’re making it out to be.

Well getting into the container ssh/filezilla was easy enough, puttygen the key to a ppk, but rebuild wiped the image as expected. I’m sure there’s a clever solution perhaps involving creating a symbolic link between shared and the folder for site images, but I don’t have the need or time to play with it.


Hello folks.

I’m reading this and would like to ask a few follow-up questions.

So, when I worked with Wordpress blog before, I’d be able to use FileZilla and their easy UI to create posts and such. It was easy to use for non technical folks like me and many others.

When going through may forum topics on this site, I’m realizing that perhaps Discourse may not be easy to use like folks like me.

Things like SSH…and unix.

If I don’t know how to even access files, how am I to make updates to my site? Any thoughts folks?



The admin panel.

It’s super easy.

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Once the site is set up, all posts are made through Discourse’s “easy UI”. 99% of the settings are configurable through the UI as well.

If the initial site setup frightens you, look into the $99 One-time Install. @codinghorror will take care of all the basic setup, and you’ll be left with a functional site!