Filter / blur spoiler combo request

Hello Community

I’d like to know if there’s any tech guru’s that might be able to create the option to add the blur spoiler effect to a watched word


The reason, we have public and private areas, I don’t care to dictate expressive terms among users in the private area but do wish to diminish their presence in the public areas

This should be rather simple to do in a theme component, I recommend you open a #marketplace topic. I would budget say $200 for it.

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Ok, that’s very encouraging… got my wheels spinning

but can you not see this being added to the ui as part of discourse?

I’d guess every other platform has the ability to have sh#t appear as standard but do any have the built in option to straight up blur shit ?

Both blur and céns○r seem redundant and its a low priority impact, but if its simple enough who decides? Just the founders or a select consensus, how do you pitch and get ideas moving here?

Thank you for the reply its also encouraging :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see why we would need both censor and blur on the same site at the same time.

I could see it as an option that censor simply blurs if the admin chooses that.

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