Filtering out messages

Hello everyone,

I work for a nonprofit organization and would like to use Discourse as a mailing list for our subscribers.
Would any of you happen to know if Discourse will allow us to moderate replies. and if someone posts a topic/question, can we collect these answers privately? We would like to be the first ones to catch if there are any inappropriate comments/questions. Thanks!

These settings are probably relevant:

In addition you can rely on the automated spam catcher and user based flagging.


Hi there,

Thank you for the response! Is this what your dashboard looks like if you sign up? I am running the free trial right now with Discourse so my main dashboard looks different.


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That’s not the Dashboard. That’s Site Settings.

Admin - > Settings.

This is my own instance for which I’m Admin.

You may need to speak with the Discourse team as in your current setup, this may not be exposed to you.