Finding support is difficult

(Benjamin Borowski) #1

We’re starting to recommend hosted Discourse to our clients. The idea being we don’t offer them support for it as they’d be paying you. Nearly all of them are asking things like:

Is there a support site for discourse - I’m trying to find a way to be notified via email of certain postings - but in general I’m not seeing any links for support/instructions. itself has a “Contact Us” link in a dropdown in the navigation, but the dropdown only shows up when you click it, so I think customers are having a hard time on how to get support from you folks. Perhaps “Contact Us” should be a top-level link as only very saavy folks would likely assume “A lot of companies put Contact under About”.


(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #2

Hey @typeoneerror,

I just completed my 14 days (+14 d extension) free trial with a hosted Discourse solution ( and am currently in my first month Standard Discourse hosting plan.

All the support (mainly) happens through a unique support email address (no ticket support system). Which I have used twice now, the first time to extend my trial, and the second to ask a question regarding the invoice/VAT tax.

There is no customer portal/control panel compared to traditional hosting solutions.

But, since Discourse is open-source, and as you can see by the questions asked in this forum, the forum functions as support.

(Benjamin Borowski) #3

This is a great answer and I’ll let our customers know. Unfortunately, people don’t read their emails very throughly (heck, I went through a trial myself recently and skimmed the “trial ending” email that says “reply to this email for support”), so I think making support more visible is still a pretty good idea.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

We have two contact emails our customers can use for support. The first is, which is listed at Discourse Meta as well as on our website. As @jaevanryssel mentioned, we also have a private email for our customers. It is displayed on the admin dashboard of each hosted site.

Further, for support that is not “private”, we encourage customers to post here on Meta, as the community can generally benefit from seeing the solution. Billing, hosting-specific technical issues, sharing private links, etc. should be sent via email. CSS customization, general “how to”, community management, etc we encourage to be public.