Firefox attempts another POST to `poll` when leaving the forums

In firefox, when leaving the site, the browser makes some additional requests to the message-bus URL

Chrome does not do this.

In our case the site that is being requested has a loading animation that expects all requests to be resolved before showing the page, so these POST requests back to the forum add around a 25 second delay to the loading.

I don’t know why these POST requests take so long after having left the site, as they don’t take this long whilst browsing the site (is the discourse backend checking the referrer?)

Is it possible it’s related to this?

Maybe change that? Or whitelist the message bus long polling requests?


Oh yeah, there’s no doubt that the loader on the other site needs to be redesigned so it’s not pausing on such Javascript requests.

But it’s also not clear to me why it’s only Firefox that makes this additional request when leaving the discourse site. It always occurs immediately after the link is bounced off the link tracker URL, and it’s only the requests after this that take so long to return.