Firefox shows "spinning wheel" for >20sec

(Ralf Jung) #1

When I go to a Discourse page (both here on meta.d.o, and on my own site), Firefox shows the “spinning wheel” icon (indicating that the page is still loading) for more than 20sec, even though the actual page builds completely within the first 1-5sec. This is rather irritating, and it makes the page look much slower than it is.

When I enable the “Network” debugger, I can see why this is happening: There is a request to poll which only comes back after 25sec. Firefox waits until this is done before stopping the spinning wheel. The next poll follows immediately, but now Firefox recognizes that this is some background stuff and stops the wheel. Maybe this is related to the observation that there are sometimes two poll requests that are made when the page is re-loaded with F5. I don’t know if there is a way to tell Firefox that these poll requests are background stuff that it should not keep the wheel spinning for.

This is with a clean profile with Firefox 44 on Linux.

(@SenpaiMass) #2

I had the same thing here.

(Ralf Jung) #3

Note though that this is entirely unrelated to loading the favicon from the server - the problem is that FF considers the page “still loading”, and it happens to indicate this by not showing the favicon, using a spinning wheel instead.