Firefox windows 8 icon bug

(Kasper Peulen) #1

I didn’t see this kind of behaviour in windows 7, but I just opened this website on a windows 8 pc, and it looks like this in firefox.

(Jacob) #2

I’m seeing this too in Firefox on Windows 8. Something similar is showing up on Firefox for Android.

(Kane York) #3

Seeing this also in Ubuntu Firefox, as well as the other bug with the topic indicator.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Probably a regression with the required (for Firefox) font http header with the new Docker packaging.

@sam you mentioned Rails 4 gives a way to set this header in code, perhaps we should do that. Because Firefox retardation in this area (it is the only known browser that enforces this “security enhancement”) does not appear to ever be going away.

(Sam Saffron) #5

This strongly demonstrates the importance of Docker.

Our sample config had missing CORS rules, our Docker setup only uses all our samples in the config dir as its source of truth:

We had “secret” config applied to our production servers in the past that ensured Access-Control-Allow-Origin * was added to all font requests.

We can not inject this header in middleware unless we allow our app to serve the asset, we serve NO static assets from our Rails app in production. Even with XSendfile this would be unnecessarily inefficient.

Fixed now. Will push the new cache breaker on monday (its on my local server and on meta)

(Sam Saffron) #6

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