First-run users - Configure what they see?

(Jordan Hofker) #1

We have a fair number of people signing up for a new discourse site internally. One of the most repeated initial reactions to the site is “what is going on here - I’m so lost” the first time they sign in.

Is there a way to configure what a new user would see? Maybe default them to the Categories view instead of the Latest tab? What are the options to prevent users from getting turned off by the initial noise and how can that be improved for Discourse?

(Bill Ayakatubby) #2

Do they have specific complaints or questions? “I’m so lost” is kind of useless as far as feedback goes.

(Jordan Hofker) #3

At the point where they’re logging in for the very first time, seeing the latest posts isn’t helpful - none of the content is relevant to them. “I’m so lost” is my shortening of what they expressed. :smile:

I know they get the “Getting Started with Discourse” message, but I’d like to take them to a specific page/topic/category or show a message or something. I just don’t know what (or how).

(Kane York) #4

I think this is another case of this topic:

(Jordan Hofker) #5

Good find! That’s close to my issue, but mine is after they log in / register for the first time. I’ll definitely give that topic a read, though.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

@riking I strongly disagree (though that is somewhat related), I think he is asking about this

Which is implemented as /top now and automatically kicks in for new users.

(Jordan Hofker) #7

Interesting. /top wasn’t part of my default display (the site is very new, so perhaps there isn’t much content for it to display there?)

I added it via Settings and see it now - do I need to do anything for it to kick in for new users?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

There are a few ways, outlined in that topic by @zogstrip. Mostly if you come in as a new user, or are coming back after a long absence.

You can play with /top here:

(probus) #9

If the users are asking “what is going on here - I’m so lost”, I don’t think (the current) top page is going to help much. It doesn’t have any user guidance at all. Much like every other page, it’s built for experienced users. But if you can get the users to hang on and try to interact with the forum, they will notice they get some tips like for example when they start writing their first topics or replies.

For users who are clueless about what they’ve signed up for, you need to build something like this:

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Well, it is just a list of topics. The pinned intro topic is still there, even in /top.

I agree there definitely needs to be a brief “what the hell is this place” intro somewhere, which is what the pinned topic is for (and we auto populate this on all default installs right @sam?) but ultimately every forum is, quite literally, the topics that are being discussed there.

Just like your email is a list of incoming emails: whatever people happen to be mailing you, that is what your email is.

(Sam Saffron) #11

Yes we do, but it looks kind of bad at the moment:

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Le sigh.

edit: OK, that’s done.

(Jake) #13

I am wanting to edit the initial signup PM people get when they join forum. A lot of people have replied to the PM thinking they are posting on the forum. I am using your hosted services.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

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