First uploaded picture of new user ends up as profile background

(Sander Datema) #1

@ivo just created an account and uploaded a screenshot in this topic. And lo and behold: it became his profile background:

And no, @Ivo did nothing to achieve this. I find this a very creative bug. :slight_smile:

(Ivo) #2

To clarify, I tried to upload a screenshot but it wasn’t allowed because I’m a new user. Instead it ended up as my profile background. Quite peculiar bug, I haven’t been able to reproduce it a second time.

(Sam Saffron) #3

We need a repro otherwise we can’t fix it.

(Johan Jatko) #4

@ivo Have you cleared the background image since?
Also, what upload method was used (From Device, from Web or drag n drop)?

(Ivo) #5

Yes, I’ve cleared my background image since. The upload method was drag and drop.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I have seen reports that this can happen if you have the editor open on the user page, images added to the editor will “accidentally” become your new profile background too.

(Régis Hanol) #7

Hasn’t this been fixed when @eviltrout refactored our image upload code?

(Robin Ward) #8

Yes I believe I’ve fixed this one.

(Jeff Atwood) #9