Five Trust Levels are Inadequate for a Social Forum

(Steve§) #1

Five trust levels may be adequate for a technical forum, but are not adequate for a social forum. Reading through the posts here they are way too ‘technical’ for the average user…and as such in my opinion should not form the basis of any social forum. It is uninviting and very demeaning to the average visitor.

FYI…in no way is it acceptable to punish someone by lowering their trust level. If they have proven their status then they have proven it. People have lives and do not live online. Punishing them for this and removing their trust level is fundamentally wrong.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Wait, so are you proposing more trust levels, or not allowing removal of trust level 3 for people who don’t visit the site enough to retain their trust level 3 (regular) status?

(Mittineague) #3

Sorry, but I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re getting at and can’t help but wonder how well you understand how things work.

Trust Levels 0, 1, and 2 can not be lowered unless an Admin or Moderator make the effort to do so.
I would hope that such would not occur without the action being given much thought and for good reason.

Trust Level 4 can only be attained when bestowed upon a member by an Admin or Moderator.
Likewise, I would hope that such would not occur without the action being given much thought and for good reason.

Trust Level 3 can be attained, and lost, but it is not a “punishment”. Simply that it is expected that a member that has Trust Levell 3 Knows a bit more about the forum and can better make some decisions.

BUT Trust Levels is not all there is. There are Badges
It seems to me that Badges would fulfill the “social” aspects better than Trust Levels


The average user doesn’t have to read about trust levels. He wouldn’t know about its existence, unless he created his account 5 minutes ago and reached his “trust level” limit.

Trust levels are ways of controlling the amount of content they provide, not whether this user content is important or not.

Btw, i still don’t understand what you mean by lowering their trust level. AFAIK, there is no automated way of doing that. I could be wrong though.

(Mittineague) #5

Trust Level 3 is the exception.

There is a 2 week “grace period” to allow for temporary situations such as going on vacation, but if a TL3 member fails to maintain active familiarity with the forum it can be lowered to TL2

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The bigger issue is that if you attain TL3, then walk away for a year (or a decade…), why should you retain those abilities?

Don’t forget if you lose TL3, you can also gain it back… the general principle is that the people with powers should be those that are indeed ‘regulars’ in the expected sense of the word.


I skipped the part where level 3 users gain these permissions for a certain time. But they might not stay there forever, glad to see that it’s implemented already. One thing off the to-do list.

Great job Discourse team.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

Turn then off.

Make tl2 default, tl3 impossible, promote to tl3 manually, never remove a user from tl3.