Flags - Disagree vs Disagree Unhide Post


Hi All

Am a bit confused how the FLAGS system works. A couple questions:

  1. When I went to the Flages / ACTIVE tab,

sometimes the flagged post has these options below:

Agree| Disagree | Defer | Delete

other times the flagged post has these options below instead:

Agree | Disagree (unhide post) | Defer | Delete

So under what circumstances the system flags a post and provide the Disagree option only as opposed to Disagree Unhide Post option?

  1. I have posts sitting in the Flag / OLD tab, there are no options available for these posts. They should NOT be flagged in the first place and I might have accidentally hit something that placed these posts in the OLD tab.

How can I restore these flagged posts that are sitting in the OLD tab? These are normal posts, they are not spam, I need to restore these posts for the community.

Any advice would be appreciated.


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

If a post/topic is flagged by a certain number of people (configurable in site settings) it will be automatically hidden until a staff member takes action.

As for part 2, I don’t know.


Just want to add that regarding question #2 above, I see that for every post that is sitting in the Flag / OLD tab, it also has the tool tip that says “Resolved by Admin - Disagreed”

I did click DISAGREE when these posts were sitting in the ACTIVE tab so I guess by me clicking DISAGREE, the system automatically places these posts in the OLD tab.

But if I disagree that these posts should be flagged, shouldn’t they be restored and be visible to the forum? The fact that these posts are still sitting in the Flags/Old module confuses me , wonder if I still need to do something to these posts. Again, these posts should not be flagged in the first place. They are not spam.


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

OK, that is helpful. The old tab is a log of staff actions. It is there so if another staff user handles a flag, everyone else can see what action was taken. If they say disagreed, then the posts (if hidden) would’ve been restored. If a post was only flagged once, it was likely not hidden so disagreeing simply removes the flag, there isn’t anything to restore as the post never disappeared.


@jomaxro THANK YOU so much !!! Very helpful.

(TechnoBear) #7

I have found on odd occasions (and off-hand I can’t remember steps to repro) that if a post has been hidden by flagging, “Disagree (unhide post)” doesn’t always seem to unhide it. In that case, you can use the wrench icon on the post and unhide it from there.