Flags Not Received due to min flags staff visibility setting

I have the problem that if someone flags a Post in my Discourse Community (Self Hosted) I don’t get the red Flag Icon on the burger. I am using Cloudflare. Is there any setting in the Admin Settings to turn that on or is there anything to fix this Problem? If you need anymore Information please ask me.

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First, turn off the orange cloud.

When that fixes it, the you can try turning it back on with no optimizations.


Seems like it isn’t a Problem of Cloudflare. I still don’t get anything.

Anyone know a solution to my problem? I have to open my discourse to public tomorrow and I need to fix this issue.

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By any chance are you an Admin but not a Moderator? AFAIK, only moderators get Flag notifications.

Does it helps if I give me the moderator here:
And btw the flags doesn’t appear in the admin flag dashboard too.

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I am admin in the aforementioned community too. I tried with a non-admin account and I didn’t receive any notifications, plus we don’t receive anything in the Flagged Topics or Flagged Posts, as @Thorge mentioned above.

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Hey everyone,

We found how to enable it. We went to the admin>search>flags and found this:


We have had it to 10 before and that why we couldn’t see and acknowledge any flags. Thank you everyone for your time on this problem!

As admins, we both get notifications now. And we are ready to open to public :sunglasses: