Flair for people who have reached trust level 3 and have access to the lounge category

I just discovered the flares for groups. So cool.

I would like to assign a flare to members who have reached level 3 and have access to the lounge category. This is the category that comes already set up to accept members who have reached trust level three.

Normally, I would create a group for the lounge to add a flare, but it seems a group is built into the forum for the lounge category already.

Has anyone successfully added a flare to the members of the lounge category and if so, how would I go about doing that? The other method would be to add a flare for members of trust level 3 or higher but that isn’t a function as far as I can tell in the forum settings (not a complaint, btw, just figuring out what the forum can do).

Interesting idea. Trust Level 3 is an automatic group, and flairs are currently only an option for custom groups. To complicate matters, flairs are based on a user’s primary group - so we’d need to figure out how flairs would work if a user already has a primary group prior to gaining TL3.

Quickest option at this time is what you suggested - make a custom group, add TL3 users to it, set a flair, and make it the primary group. Problem is you’d have to do all this manually.


Thanks, @jomaxro. It’s really a fluffy option - not a game changer.

I created a flare for a group and it got me thinking how nice it would be if you could immediately see by a signature flare (e.g. graduation cap) if a person has earned credibility and trust in the forum community when weighing what they have to say. It also might add to the motivation to contribute – another ribbon to earn that members can see or at least know that others of that level will see once they’ve earned it.

Just to clarify, @jomaxro, when you say it would have to be manually done, what do you mean specifically? I would manually create the group adding tl3 and tl4, and set a flair. How do I make it the primary group, and would this be a sweeping setting for all members and if so, where is this setting?

If I do this, I will sacrifice the other flare I made for the leadership group as members of the leadership group would fall into both categories and there can only be one primary group.

Prior to there being flair, I did similar with CSS.

The catch was the group needed to be a primary group so that the selector was in the DOM.

It took a while of trial and error for me to get the size and position to where I liked it, but I imagine someone more skilled in CSS could have done it more quickly.

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Cool, @Mittineague. Where did you go in settings to make the group the primary group? Do you have a snapshot of your flair? Do only members of the group get to see the flair? I don’t know why but I am particularly taken with them, lol.

When I say manually, I mean that you would first need to create a custom group, something like tl3_users. You’d likely also want to change the group settings to make the group the primary group for its members. Next add the flair via group settings. Next you would need to get a list of your TL3 users from /admin/users/list/regular. Last you would need to add each of those users to the group. You’d need to then check the list of TL3 users regularly to add new users who have readed it to the group.

To further complicate things, users can lose TL3 status if they don’t maintain the requirements. You’d need to decide whether to remove these users or not.


Thanks, @jomaxro. So where a lot of the manual work comes in is hand-inputting trust level three members to the group (who get the flares for reaching level 3 and making it to the lounge).

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I created a group - “royals” and made it a primary goup. This resulted in there being HTML with this:

<div class="topic-post clearfix group-Royals regular">
  <article id="post_5" ... 
    <div class="row">
      <div class="topic-avatar">

In Admin -> Customize I added this CSS

/* give Royals crown */
div.group-Royals div.topic-avatar::after {
    content: "\1F451";
    position: absolute;
    top: -10px;
    right: 4px;
    font-size: 2.5em;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: rgba(238,185,32,.8);
    z-index: -1;


Notice the class attribute value “regular” - that is automatic group Trust Level 3 members.


Love the crown, lol. So . . . I am thinking, you would have hand-added members to the royals group with the restriction being they had to have reached trust level 3 (regular)? Is that right?

Does making it a primary group do anything other than allow flares to be attached to the avatar?

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No, with the CSS selector I used it would be applied to any member regardless of their trust level. For that to be only royals that were TL3 (it won’t be me to risk insult to them) the selector would need to be “chained” eg.

It’s just a matter of analyzing the DOM and choosing the correct selectors to use, which isn’t always so easy as it might seem at first take. For example, not specific enough and the CSS might affect where you want it not to. I have historically tended to be over-specific which can also cause problems at times, but I think (hope) I’m getting better at them.

If you find that you really need something to be in the DOM that isn’t there you can petition to have it put in.

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Since we are discussing crowns, I’d put a graduation hat on my members once they reach level 3 (including higher statuses).


Course, you could just have a bubble with a number to indicate trust level on each avatar that is visible to everyone. It would definitely be an incentive to be engaged in the forum. Reason I like the hat for level 3 is that is a special mile marker because you get to join the lounge.

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Here is the solution I came up with to wanting to assign a flair to members who reach trust level 3 and are then admitted to the lounge category. Background: in our group this is quite the achievement as you get to join the decision making on what gets blogged about and also partake in a live chat channel. Currently, built-in groups such as trust levels don’t have flairs assigned to them.

I ended up going into the trust-level 3 (‘regular’) badge and editing it in customize–>text content to be “Think-tank Member.” with a custom-made icon:

Then in the pinned “about this category” topic in the lounge, I gave specific instructions on making the "Think-tank member a permanent title by their name as a kind of status/achievement and way to signal to others that they can now partake in live chat:

Admin can go in anytime and add that title to their name, fyi.

I had to change references to trust level 3 from regular to Think-tank member throughout the forum to do this not just in customize text content, but also in documents explaining the trust levels. It’s a kinda hokey fix, with potential holes in terms of missing changing text content or references to trust level III.