Flair icon not shown


Starting with one of latest updates (I think), a flair icon defined for a group using Font Awesome (eg, fa-camera fa-lg) is not shown on user’s avatar, but it is shown OK only in icon preview when in group settings. Flair icon uploaded as a png file, on the other hand, is shown everywhere without issues. Help?


Found the problem: all group members had primary group set to none. That should not be possible if they belong only to one group I would think.

Some users are members of two groups. If both have the “Automatically set as primary group” set, how is the conflict resolved? Thus, I had “Automatically set as primary group” unset for one of the groups. Am I missing something?

(Sam Saffron) #3

That is not really the case, primary group is independent to groups, a user may belong to lots of groups and have no primary group set.

Ticking “Automatically set as primary group” is absolutely the right thing to do here.