Flash embed is not correct

(Barry Satria) #1

when i try to embedding flash to my site, discourse show minimal hight in desktop mode.
but if i open my content with mobile browser they working fine
this my site content with embed flash if you want to know about my problem

sorry for direct link. i want show embed in this post but discourse can’t accept embedding flash


Discourse was intended for mobile responsive functionality. Endless scroll and other things mobile friendly. Apple killed flash (may Steve Jobs rest in peace) and it is a shame because it is very useful…Conversely, some perceive it (and rightly so) as a chasm of web vulnerability. I think flash under the hood (ActionScript and ECMAScript) is useful since it is my closest language which is Coldfusion. I am biased.

Canvas…HTML5 (do those things instead). BUT Let’s check with @sam to make double sure (as he had a onebox post here but it may not have a complete list of one box-able content types/features.


(Jeff Atwood) #3

You can enable flash embeds via a site setting. Search for flash in admin, site settings.

(Barry Satria) #4

sound that really dilemma

(Barry Satria) #5

yes i know. the problem is result size of embedded flash


So you can ‘see’ stuff but you cannot ‘hear’ things in your flash embed? So it partly functions…I see.

Edit: I actually visited your flash thingy…Size is screwy…

Second edit: I am on my laptop not my phone (so I cannot confirm what it does on my Galaxy Note 3, yet).

(lid) #7

Temporary and partial solution for you will be to set a custom css

object,embed {

(Barry Satria) #8

that solved. thankyou so much @Lid

(lid) #9

This PR will allow setting custom dimension via url

http://example.com/file.swf#640x360 // width 640px height:360px
http://example.com/file.swf#0x360   // width 100% height:360px
http://example.com/file.swf#640x0   // width 640px height:100%


Youtube embed size

Wow…Great job and composing a PR too. +1 for you!

(Marco) #11

Sorry to revive this old topic, I need to set the oneboxed flash dimensions, but the trailing #640x360 doesn’t work. Should I do something to enable it?