Flashy, intermittent black boxes

I typically leave a tab open in my mobile browser (Samsung Internet) with Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse loaded. If I click on this tab after a few hours, the tab frequently becomes unresponsive with the most expedient solution being to click “Close” in the eventual modal dialog box that pops up. This closes and reloads the page. Usually things proceed normally at this point, but often, like right now, different parts of the page start displaying random black boxes, sometimes behind and sometimes in front of the content. They really seem to like to appear when focus shifts.

This might not be a Discourse-specific issue. :thinking: Upon clicking a link in this tab to a different website (which happened to be a different Discourse community), the problem persisted in the other website. However, I maintain a separate tab in which I track that community (https://community.letsencrypt.org) and have never seen this issue in that tab. I have noticed that Meta tends to have a lot more new topics in short timespans, so this might just be some type of memory or process overwhelm in Samsung Internet.

This looks like your browser (or android PiP) trying to overlay something on your screen. Are there any other apps or tabs playing video while this happens? That could be one explanation.

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That was my initial assumption, but it takes the space and size of certain layout areas on the screen. Like if I click on the hamburger menu, a black frame will pop up behind or in front of the menu, sometimes with seeming margin space. I closed the tab and reopened meta, which seems to have cleared it for now. If/when it returns, I’ll try to gather more info.

Nope. It’s definitely not an interfering overlay as it only happens on the current tab, regardless of tab order or whether there are any other tabs open. I think it might be some type of layout glitch in the browser.

Can you confirm this happens with Chrome on your Android? Also are you using version if using Samsung Internet?

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Currently I’m using I’m not exactly sure what version I was using when I reported this bug, but I tend to install updates within a day or two of release. I can’t speak to what happens with Chrome as I never use it. I haven’t had this issue recur for at least a week, but that could be due to clicking back into the tab more regularly for updates. I noticed the boxes occurring after I would refresh the tab in response to the tab overloading and becoming unresponsive when trying to update.