Flickr integration

(Markus) #1

Hello friends,

I’d like to write some essay’s and emphasis other texts with a lot of embedded pictures from Flickr. With 1 TB of free storage, it’s my favorite hoster :wink: But I’ve noticed a few issues:

  • As mentioned from someone before, there is no way to automatically embed previews with some relevant meta information: Author, date, copyright.

  • The image isn’t linked with the original source, insted Discourse is downloading a smaller version and is resizing that after clicking on that. That’s not bad at all, but I prefer also a link to the source.

  • Shortend & privat URLs won’t be solved. That’s sad, because I’d love to work mobile on my iPad and Flickr is only providing those ones on their App by default.

Any clue how to improve the Flickr - Discourse integration?

(Markus) #2

This is what I am looking for:
(Notice the hover effect)