Font Awesome in Bio

(Glenn Drake) #1

It’s pretty cool that you can use Font Awesome icons in posts

I just tried to add a few social links [ ] to my bio page but the html appears to get parsed out. Is it possible that these could be preserved? No big deal… just thought it was worth asking.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This should not be allowed, and will be pulled.

We still allow way too much markup that we should not. @eviltrout @sam

(Ben T) #3

That’s too bad. I guess related to this is that classes are not stripped from the HTML passed through the previewer. You can pull off some other dumb things, like attaching the button class, by borrowing the CSS rules for the icons. I didn’t see anything too bad (other than a spinning icon as seen above.)

(Glenn Drake) #4

Understood…I would come up with something more constructive but having used Discourse in production for 3 months there’s little to fault!! Just nitpicking :smile:

(Robin Ward) #5

This is my favorite example of a bug ever!

I did just commit much more sophisticated whitelisting code. Since it’s a Friday afternoon of a long weekend in Canada I’m not going to deploy it just yet, but it fixes all this stuff. Thanks for reporting it!

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This should be fairly definitively fixed now, as we’ve had a few other… incidents.

Should Font Awesome icons be disallowed in posts?
(Jeff Atwood) #7