For invisible messages, not all wrench menu items are accessible (supposedly CSS issue)

(Anton) #1

The bottom 3 items in the menu area accessible and can be clicked by the mouse. However, the other ones can’t be accessed and clicked because some content from the previous message in the topic is positioned on top (supposedly with higher z-index).

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There are two admin topic wrenches: one docked at the upper right, one at the bottom with the topic action buttons. Try the other one.

(cpradio) #3

This is actually the wrench on the post menu. The menu’s z-index is putting it behind posts above/below it and it is taking on the transparency of the post itself when the post is invisible

What is striking is that the z-index is only impacted when the post is invisible. When I unhide the post, the menu’s z-index is definitely above the post above/below it.

Edit: on second look, it isn’t impacting z-index, that is still set to 1000, but the opacity is definitely impacting what buttons you can select when they overlap with the post above.