For Mobile Devices, how do i make defaul view set to Categories + Desktop View


I want mobile devices to be to Categories only + Desktop View. Any help on how to do this? I am using Digital Ocean for the hosting.

There’s a couple of things you can do.

Search for top_menu in site settings and make sure categories is the first item on that list.

This leads to the categories page being the homepage on desktop and mobile.

Then search for desktop_category_page_style and set that to “categories and latest”

The end result is that the hompage for desktops looks like this:

And mobile would look like so

As for forcing desktop view on mobiles, yes you can do that as well. There a site setting called

enable_mobile _theme

Disabling that setting forces the desktop view on mobile.

You’re free to do that but just note that this is not something you really want to do. The mobile theme is more than just css or html, almost everything will not work as well as it does in the mobile view. It would be very difficult to navigate your site and create posts on mobiles. I recommend avoiding this.

The mobile view is optimised for mobiles and works really well and I can’t think of any reason why you’d want to disable it. What specific problem are you trying to address by turning off the mobile view?

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Please note it is much easier to change this by simply visiting the /wizard and selecting the frontpage style you prefer…

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