For those large forums converted from PHP based script to Discouse, need your thoughts please


(Dan) #1

Drop or Increase on Adsense Revenue?
Does Adsense works the same on javascript powered sites like Discouse?


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

We have an official adsense plugin: GitHub - discourse/discourse-adplugin: Official Discourse Advertising Plugin. Install & Start Serving Ads on Your Discourse Forum

I think it’s enabled on Hello Foros.

(Dan) #3

Opening the link for the first time, ads load fine.
But opening topics on it doesn’t load the ads :(.
It only load after I reload the whole page.

Edit: Ads are not loading most of the time, it only load after I reload the whole page.

Edit again:
Okay ads only load when user actually viewing that area.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

I’m on a big topic, and every ad is loading for me (top ad, every 5 posts ads).

(Dan) #5

This is really cool!

(Dan) #6

Sometimes I still got a blank ad display like this:

(Dan) #7

I need to hear some thoughts from Large Forum owners.
before and After using Discouse Observation.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

Are you reading every post like a normal use, or scrolling super fast trough?

The ads are loaded as you scroll, and then a request is made to Google, it takes some time.

If you are reading, it gets loaded before you scroll.

(Dan) #9

Any other thoughts? :slight_smile: