"Forbidden" on trying to control Sidekiq

(David Hagar) #1

Every time I try to control sidekiq via /sideqik, such as trying to delete or retry any of the items in the “Retries” tab or trying to manually run any of the items in “Scheduler” tab by hitting the “Trigger” button on the side, it takes me to a page that says “Forbidden”.

Why is this?

(Lutz Biermann) #2

I had this problem some time ago. It could never be solved, see Buttons on /sidekiq/scheduler return "Forbidden"

As workaround, try another browser. Chrome seems to make more problems, then Firefox.

(David Hagar) #3

I found the issue this morning, I use HAProxy so it can run alongside Apache and I have to connect directly to the Discourse server itself.