Force remote image download after removing disabled domain

on my instance i have download remote images to local enabled, but listed one domain in disabled image download domains, so that every inline-images from that specific domain wasn’t pulled as a local copy. that is working great.

but now i want that the images from that domain should also be downloaded, including the old posts. therefore i removed the domain from disabled image download domains, changed download remote images max days old to 10000 and rebaked all the posts containing that domain. but the old posts still contain the remote image and not a local copy, regardless how the inline-image is embed (<img>, [img], just the url). no scheduled tasks in sidekiq after rebake.

but when im editing one of those posts manually and lets say alter the text, without touching the embedded image, the inline-image will be pulled as expected. but since there are a lot of those posts, manual editing is no option. any solution or workaround?

What happens when you click the wrench menu on the post and rebake it?

And if that works, do this: Rebake all posts matching a pattern


the behavior is the same. there is no difference between rebaking an individual post via UI or within the console matching a pattern.

i also have more than 100GB of free space, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

after rebake there are no hints in the logs and/or sidekiq.