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I may not be able to explain this very well or there might be a way to do this currently in Discourse - if so, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:.

Essentially the goal I’m trying to achieve by either working on a plugin or hopefully there is some trick I can use, to autofill the body of a new thread. The reason I want to do this is because my forum is for a gaming clan/community (whatever you want to call it, just a bunch of idiots who play games together). The forum is the first point of contact for new recruits - people who want to join the group. As for now, all I can do is make a pinned post and hope they copy and paste the template.

However, I was thinking it could be neat, for both my community and others, if there was a feature / plugin / etc, that would allow an admin to set a category topic rule which would simply autofill the body of a topic with information. So for example, anybody who chooses the “Recruit” category would have the body filled with:

Favorite Food:

That or a way to create a link (maybe there is one) that on click would act as a new topic button with the body autofilled and the category selected. I guess my question would be a few things: 1) is this already possible in some way 2) how advanced do you think this might be (I’m just starting to learn RoR, would have no problem making this my first “big” project)


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I can’t find the topics at the moment but this has been discussed before on meta, specifying some default post text per category. Essentially templates or reminders for every new post.

It would be kind of onerous if used a lot of places, but for the specific categories it makes sense for (support, for example, or topics with very structured formats where each post must contain certain info) it could be good.

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most current:

and an older one:

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