Formatting the Email Digest



Is it possible to control the format (and selected content) of the email digest?

We have a customer who wants to brand the digest to match their main site, and if possible have some level of control over which topics are selected for inclusion (filters).

I can’t see any way to control this through the site itself (in the style of header/footer customization of the site) so I am presuming there is a template somewhere in the codebase?

Thanks in advance.

(Michael Downey) #2

Unfortunately no, AFAIK. There have been some topics related to customization of the digests summary emails in the past though.

IIRC, generally there is willingness to allow email template customizations at some point. I could see this happening in the UI similar to CSS & HTML.

(Robin Ward) #3

You can choose a custom logo for the email digest by changing the “digest logo url” setting.

You don’t have control over the topics inserted – those are based on an an algorithm that tries to find the best content the user receiving the digest hasn’t seen.

(Noel McHugh) #4

I’d also love to be able to control content in the email digest, specifically suppressing categories.

I’m involved in the wrap up of a pilot project using discourse at a small college. We want to publicize the topics in the forum, particularly those related to campus events and discussions, by sending users a daily digest. We think this forum is wonderful, however the unexpected popularity of the housing and roommates/lost and found/for sale categories generates a lot of content in the digest that many users find ‘trivial and annoying’.

Keeping ‘found cat’, ‘bike for sale’, or ‘seeking vegan roommate’ type messages from being sent to thousands of users, while retaining content related to campus issues and events would greatly increase the value of this digest for many users, and in turn drive more people to the forum. I understand users can mute these categories, but in practice it seems most are simply turning off (or junk mailing) the digest never to return again.

Also more details on the digest creation algorithm would be appreciated.


(Jeff Atwood) #5

Interesting, I wonder if we should add a “suppress these categories from digest emails” site setting in the meantime? That seems like it would help in your specific case.

Alternately turn digests off globally for now via the site setting.

The paradox is that in the example you describe, the most popular content is not what people want to be emailed…

(Dean Taylor) #6

I too would like a “suppress these categories from digest emails” site setting…

My use case, is that we have several more chatty categories which are very fast moving containing uninteresting content to the majority. The number of likes in one topic on a single day can be higher than the rest of the sites topics combined outside of these categories in a single week.

Although not critical to me right now this would solve a problem for a future planned development for me.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Ok @techapj can you add this to your list?

I wonder if this is better done as a Boolean checkbox on editing the category, or as a list of categories in site settings…

(Noel McHugh) #8

a “suppress these categories from digest emails” would be perfect for us.

The content we want to exclude is not the most popular over long time frames, but it is often enough the most popular during short time frames that are caught by the digest.

Thanks for adding this to the list!

(Mark Lilly) #9

i think suppressing at the category level is a solid addition, but in addition…

would it be possible to have a way to add the author of each post to the digest line items? we work in small teams and the digest is perfect, but it really does matter who wrote what; we are using Discourse at present for long-form conversations, and it’s amazing, and will expand to wider communities, but having author as part of the digest would be great!

we could require everyone to sign their posts (like “thanks, m”) but people will forget.



(Noel McHugh) #10

Is there a ETA for the 'suppress categories from digest" feature? Sorry if this is a noob question and there’s a big list somewhere I’m unaware of…

As we plan for our next academic year in September, which will arrive all too soon, we’re wondering if this feature will be available.


(eriko) #11

This looked like it was on the list for 1.4 but never made it. Will it return in 1.5?

(Arpit Jalan) #12

Okay, I just added “digest suppress categories” site setting via:

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Excellent I know @charleswalter was looking for this as well.

(OG) #14

Is there any way to configure css styles for Email Digest? I’m failing to find why I’ve got blue background when I don’t have any blue in my active Color Scheme.

The only relevant code I’ve found is this one discourse/user_notifications.rb at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

@header_color    = ColorScheme.hex_for_name('header_primary')
@header_bgcolor  = ColorScheme.hex_for_name('header_background')
@anchor_color    = ColorScheme.hex_for_name('tertiary')

(Nick Research) #15

I second this question - I feel like one way or the other we need some control. Currently Discourse is doing two things:

  1. It is defaulting to blue for the body of the email with no control over this; and
  2. Keeping the primary colour from my colour scheme for the header

Possible solutions would be:
a) Being able to suppress colour inheritance from the colour scheme
b) Being able to suppress the default of blue for a “white” vanilla summary email
c) Having some control over the colour scheme of the email

Any of these options would be fantastic. Thanks.

An example of the issue is included here:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #16

I believe the setting you’re looking for is email accent bg color.