Forum topics as page titles for seo

(John Wright) #1

I have a forum setup and whenever I check to see how the threads and posts appear in search engines, all the page titles are the same as the name of the forum, is there any way to control this or ensure that the topic title will be the page title?

(Matt Palmer) #2

Can you give a concrete example? When I search for topics and get results on this site, for instance, the results all have the topic title in them. An example of what you’re searching for, and what comes up, would be helpful to see what you’re seeing.

(John Wright) #3

I think I have the answer, when testing for own search results, only the home forum page was showing so page title was only that of the forum home and only results appear if the content is existing on the main forum threads. Basically it means only the forum home is somewhat indexed but the other posts are not being indexed, showing all submitted in google webmaster tools but not indexed. Forum was launched 3 months ago.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We don’t see that with our customers, or any of our Discourse instances including this one – perhaps an issue with your domain?

(John Wright) #5

I think the problem is that when I search for my unique post title, the homepage is what is showing up in the SERPs which of course is using the page title of the forum homepage. Maybe it will just take some time before the individual posts will show up.