FREE hosting providers like infinityfree (just without the size limits)

Hello, I wanna try out Discourse but don’t want to pay anything (in case I don’t like it)! I’ve tried googleing “create and host a discourse website for free, no credit card needed” but yet all it’s all a bunch of shit! It either lies to you (and FORCES you to put in credit/debit card info or it’s not free at all!) I DID find infinityfree (which allows me to upload the .zip file downloaded from GitHub! However, infinityfree has an upload size limit of 10MB and that’s not enough space (cause the file is 53, almost 54MB)! So, does anyone know a free hosting provider like infinityfree (just without the upload limits)? If you do, post it here! Please and thanks!

There is no know way of hosting Discourse for free that we recommend.

The cheaper options we recommend are Digital Ocean $5 a month droplets, and now hosting on a $35 Discourse on a Raspberry Pi | Blog.